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About Kerala

With the presence of Western Ghats in the east and Arabian Sea in the West along with several quiet lakes passing through this beautify state of Kerala adorned with a unique topography makes it amongst the best tourist destinations across the Globe and one of the best destinations of India and that is why Kerala is called as “God’s own Country”. Kerala is a pleasant medley of coconut groves, lush green fields, serene and tranquil beaches with long winded emerald backwaters, misty hill stations, the wilderness of rain forests, Ayurveda, history and the culture. The vibrant Kerala offers unflappable climate along with the finest beaches across India and the optimal wildlife sanctuaries. The beautiful backwaters of Kerala are the main internal water bodies of the state and most of them are connected to a sea. A voyage on Houseboat through the backwaters of Kerala is just like as you are dating with the nature.

Apart from salient landscape, Kerala also unfurl cultural image of India. Kerala is known for its hospitality which a traveler enjoys while travelling here. Kerala enjoys the tag for being the most literate states of India with 100% literacy. With the presence of the best health care systems, least infant mortality, best physical quality of life in India, the serenity and tranquility has rewarded as the Cleanest State of India. Kerala is also amongst the most developing states for social well being and quality of life.

The diverse culture of Kerala “God’s Own Country” is enriched by three great religions that have strong roots in this beautiful land. The majority of the population in Kerala is Hindu and Hinduism is followed here with a rare rigor that prohibits non Hindu from entering temples or other Hindu shrines. Around one fourth of the population follows Christianity which believed to be brought here by the Apostle St. Thomas while Islam was introduced by Arab traders during the 7th Century.

Kerala has been famous from millenniums for producing variety of spices in its soil and is also considered as Spice Capital of India. Many famous rulers across the Globe were trading spices from Kerala and also tried to get control of this affluent state. It is said that Spice Trade from Kerala started around 3000 years before. The imprints of Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Portuguese, Britishers, Dutch and Arabs can be seen here in the form of cuisine, architecture, culture and traditions. Some of the famous spices produced in Kerala are Pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamom, nutmeg, turmeric and ginger. Apart from this Kerala contributes for being highest production of cashew nuts and also is land of coconuts.

Fairs and Festivals of Kerala

The rich and vibrant culture of Kerala can be seen through its unique and colorful Fairs and Festivals. Kerala Fairs and Festivals are exclusive and only one of its kind and is a perfect blend of pleasure and happiness. The simplicity and the intrinsic religious approach of the natives of Kerala depicts in the mode of celebration of the Fairs and Festivals. Below are the most popular Fairs and Festivals of Kerala. Read More

Culture of Kerala

Kerala is a land where people prefer to follow their own world and believe in the simplicity and originality. The natives of Kerala are also known as Keralian or Malayali and Malayalam is the main language spoken by them. Keralian are very particular of the customs, traditions and faith in rituals and they can easily go extra miles to conserve the same. Read More

Cuisines of Kerala

Kerala cuisine is one of the prime attractions of this beautiful state. The extraordinary Kerala cuisine beautifully describes the culinary expertise of the people of Kerala by offering the tastiest foods on the planet earth. Coconut is considered to be a staple ingredient in Keralian cuisine and is used in different forms like chopped and grated. Read More

Spices of Kerala

Kerala is also known as “Land of Spices” and its history dates back thousand years ago. The Spices of Kerala has played an essential role for earning the title “God’s Own Country” by this beautiful state of Southern India. Kerala is famous across Globe for having domination over spices. Spice and herbs produced in Kerala plays a significant role in the economic growth of the state. Read More

Kerala Travel Tips

Kerala is certainly an ideal destination for a pleasant vacation with your family. Its exquisiteness, pleasant weather and the attractions are some of the elements for making a successful holiday at Kerala. It is better to have some tips you should do or don’t while in Kerala could add more success to your vacation.   Read More