Kerala Travel Tips

Kerala Travel Tips

Kerala is certainly an ideal destination for a pleasant vacation with your family. Its exquisiteness, pleasant weather and the attractions are some of the elements for making a successful holiday at Kerala. It is better to have some tips you should do or don’t while in Kerala could add more success to your vacation.

Things to remember

The climate of Kerala is tropical and stays warm and humid almost for the whole year except in monsoons. It is advisable to carry light woolen clothing while travelling to Kerala. If you have Munnar and Thekkaddy added in your itinerary then you must carry light woolen clothing as these destinations are comparatively colder than other regions of Kerala. Since Kerala has plethora of beaches and lakes, therefore you should be prepared with your swimming gear. You also must carry Sunglasses, sunscreen and hat etc.


A Trip must be planned in advance as it results in choosing a hotel of your own choice and budget; sometimes it also results in getting cheap flight fares. If your itinerary includes travelling on Indian Trains, then it is strongly advised to book the train tickets well in advance. Though there is special quota International Travelers but it is not available on all routes. Home stay is another nice option for a traveler who is keen to try the traditional Kerala way of life.


A Taxi/Cab can be hired from a reliable source for any sightseeing tour and you will be driven around all the places included in the itinerary. Public transportation is also available and is one of the cheapest options of communing, but it is only advisable if you know the place you are travelling to or there is someone to guide you. Prepaid Taxi or Auto rickshaw booths are available at almost every tourist place, bus or train stations and Airports in India and these booths are generally governed by traffic departments or local administrations, it is advisable to check the rates with these authorities before hiring a cab or a rickshaw. For private cabs, prices are comparatively higher than the normal taxi or an auto rickshaw. It is advisable to book a private car either through your travel agent or through the concierge desk of your Hotel.

Water & Beverages

It is strongly advised to carry and drink only mineral while in India. While buying mineral water, make sure that seal of the bottle is not Tampered. One must not drink Tap Water. It is also advisable to buy mineral bottle and other beverages from a reputed departmental store. Juices or Salads from the road side vendors must be avoided.

Shopping in Kerala

Kerala is famous for textiles, gold ornaments and handicraft items. The culture of shopping malls can only be seen in the big cities of Kerala like Cochin, Trivandrum or Thrissur. In the small cities you can find the traditional markets or bazaars. You can choose to buy handicraft items with mirror work, models of Chinese fishing nets, small models of house boats or small elephant models made of wood as souvenirs for your acquaintances. Buying some spices would also be a good idea.


There are plenty of options for food for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. Keralian Seafood is something you cannot afford to miss. For vegetarians, Nadan Sadya can be a delight, a vegetarian meal served on a big plain leave. Keralian food is generally spice and if you are not a spice lover than Appams (a fluffy Pancake) is best for you which perfectly go with any curry or stews which are less spicy.

While in Public Places:

– India being and orthodox country doesn’t accept kissing or hugging at public places. Showing affection at public places seeks unnecessarily attention.

Smoking or Drinking:

Smoking and Drinking at public places is strictly banned in most part of India and is considered as a punishable offence. There are designated smoking zones and bars or pubs are available which can be visited whenever desired.

Temple Codes:

While visiting a temple, must ensure that you have read and understood the guidelines or rules and regulations. Each temple has its own rules and regulations. Some of the Temples do not allow non-Hindus to enter inside the Temples. Wearing footwear is strictly prohibited inside the Indian temples. Some Temples required a scarf covering the head while entering inside the temple.

Ayurvedic Treatment:

Kerala is famous for Ayurveda Therapies and attracts many tourists for Ayurvedic treatments from all over the world. There are lots of fake Ayurvedic centers operating across the state, therefore authenticity of an Ayurvedic Therapy Center must be checked before booking a session or taking an treatment. If any sort of Ayurveda treatment is there in your list then you must share your medical history and body conditions to the certified Ayurveda instructor.